Today is the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

We are proud of our members who provided abortion care before Roe v. Wade and helped fight for the landmark decision to protect women’s right to make their own private reproductive decisions. We are also proud of our members who provide abortion care now and keep reproductive choice a reality for so many. Unfortunately, the fight isn’t over.

Whether it’s the violence and disruption anti-abortion extremists use to harass and intimidate patients and abortion providers or the constant stream of medically-unnecessary anti-abortion laws politicians propose, the attacks on the rights recognized by Roe v. Wade are constantly under attack.

To mark the 46th anniversary of Roe, we’ve decided to highlight 46 laws in the U.S. that are chipping away at the right to reproductive choice by reducing access, shaming patients, and more. This is just a small sample of what abortion providers and women are forced to navigate in order to make Roe a reality.