Celebrating the dedication of NAF members in honor of National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers on March 10.


Even in the face of daily opposition, NAF members PERSIST in their efforts to ensure reproductive choice is a reality for all.
Here are just a few examples of how our members PERSIST:

Clinica Iella, Puerto Rico

In 2017, Puerto Rico was hit with hurricanes, including the brutal Hurricane Maria, that shut down the island. Parts of Puerto Rico still do not have power today. Even in the face of the devastation and their own personal struggles to cope with the aftermath, Clinica Iella reopened their doors as soon as possible using a generator and cell phone to provide abortion care.

Northland Family Planning Centers, Michigan

Northland Family Planning Centers have endured increased harassment in the last year, including clinic invasions by anti-abortion extremists. Yet, these challenges have only strengthened their resolve and commitment to creating a patient-centered, compassionate environment inside their clinics as if there were no adversity outside. Additionally, their staff actively advocates to protect abortion access; does pace-setting work to challenge stigma; and provides an environment for training new providers.

EMW, Kentucky

EMW is the last abortion clinic in the state of Kentucky making it a target not only for anti-abortion extremists outside of the clinic, but also those in the statehouse and at the fake women’s health center next door. Even though abortion opponents are determined to shut down the last clinic, EMW continues to provide patient-centered care regardless of the obstacles thrown at them.

Will you join us in thanking abortion providers for their persistence?

Tell us why you’re thankful for abortion providers persisting even in the face of threats, natural disasters, clinic invasions, and anti-abortion legislation. We will share your notes with our members to make sure they know they are not in this fight alone…

NAF members PERSIST—and we could not be prouder.

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Abortion providers do more than just persist, they RESIST. NAF members lead the RESISTANCE against anti-abortion tactics meant to shut down safe clinics, coerce and deceive women, and other anti-abortion attacks.
Here are just a few of the many examples of our members RESISTING:

Gainesville Woman Care, Florida

After anti-abortion politicians passed a law preventing a woman from accessing abortion care for at least 24 hours after meeting with her doctor and forcing her to make an additional, medically unnecessary trip to the clinic, Gainesville Woman Care led the resistance against the law and successfully fought to have it overturned in court. In January 2018, a Florida court permanently blocked the law.

Whole Woman’s Health South Bend, Indiana

The Whole Woman’s Health Alliance works to resist obstacles and restrictions in order to bring abortion care to difficult places. When they recently tried to open their clinic in South Bend, they were met with a slew of bureaucratic challenges and anti-choice opposition. Their staff and contractors were targeted by anti-abortion protests, and their license was denied even though their clinic is ready to open and they fully completed and cooperated with the Department of Health. Furthermore, they are being targeted by a new bill moving through the state General Assembly. Yet, they keep resisting these attacks because they are determined to open their clinic and care for patients.

Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives & West Alabama Women’s Center, Alabama

The state of Alabama used the activity of anti-abortion extremists outside of clinics to justify passing a law that would restrict abortion clinics from being located within 2,000 feet of a K-8 public school. This bill was the only law of its kind in the United States and if enforced would have shuttered Alabama Women’s Center in Huntsville and West Alabama Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa. The clinics refused to cave and successfully fought the law in court. A federal district court overturned the law, allowing the clinics to keep their doors open.

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Use our tool to email your state and federally elected officials to tell them you support abortion providers and urge them to pass laws that expand access to comprehensive reproductive health care—not decrease access with anti-abortion legislation.

NAF members RESIST—and we could not be prouder.

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While we’ve shown some of the ways NAF members PERSIST and RESIST, what’s most important is that they PROVIDE. Every day they provide compassionate, patient-centered abortion care. For many of them, this work is more than just a job, and their dedication is inspiring. Here are just a few examples of how NAF members provide:

Kensington Clinic, Calgary

The Kensington Clinic’s dedication to providing patient-centered abortion care goes beyond what happens inside the clinic the day of their patients’ appointments. Recognizing that logistics can often be a barrier to accessing care, they continually revise their schedule to best accommodate patients. The Kensington Clinic’s decision to do so means more patients have access to the quality abortion care they need.

Maine Family Planning, Maine

Expanding their ability to provide quality, patient-centered abortion care is a priority for Maine Family Planning. They have started providing telemedicine abortion care, making reproductive choice a reality for those unable to get to a clinic, particularly in rural parts of the state. They’re also leading an effort in Maine to allow qualified advanced practice clinicians to provide abortion care, which would also expand access to abortion care.

Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mississippi

Jackson Women’s Health is the last abortion provider in Mississippi. In addition to providing care for women throughout Mississippi, they are one of the only providers in a region that is often referred to as the “abortion desert”—a place where the physical distance between abortion care providers is extreme. This forces women to have to travel great distances or out-of-state to obtain abortion care. Members like Jackson Women’s Health work to ensure patients—regardless of their address—are provided the compassionate abortion care they need.