Expanding abortion access by matching providers to clinics and health centers that need their services.

While the shortage of abortion providers in the U.S./Canada has been well documented, in fact there are skilled providers in some parts of the country who are underutilized. Although many states/provinces have a dearth of local clinicians willing to work in facilities that provide abortion care, other states/provinces have established resident training programs and graduate residents each year who want to maintain their clinical skills but who live in areas where there is a surplus of abortion providers.

Creating a Clinician Corps (C3) recruits and matches skilled abortion providers who are willing to travel or relocate to clinics and health centers with an immediate need.

If you are a clinician and are interested and able to travel or relocate to provide abortion care or your clinic or health center needs a clinician who can travel or relocate to your state/province, visit https://cliniciancorps.org/.