Life’s Been a Blast: The True Story of Birmingham Bombing Survivor Emily Lyons


By Emily Lyons, Jeff Lyons

When anti-abortion extremist Eric Rudolph bombed a Birmingham abortion clinic in 1998, nurse Emily Lyons sustained extensive injuries, but survived. This is her personal account of the events and her recovery.

[Hardcover, 336 pages]
Published 2005

Emily Lyons survived a bomb detonated by Eric Robert Rudolph in Birmingham, Alabama on Jan 29th, 1998. Rudolph was on the FBI’s Top Ten for over five years with a reward of one million dollars. The manhunt cost $30 million. Emily sustained extensive injuries, including the loss of her eye. This book is about the attack, but there is so much more – love and hate, life and death, joy and sorrow. Most of all, it is about survival. Tragic events do not make a person special. Life knocks everybody down. What counts is how you stand up afterwards. Emily faced her injuries head on and with a smile.
Lifes Been a Blast