Take Action to Protect Abortion Access

Many of you participated in the March on Washington or one of the many sister-marches throughout the world on January 21. Worldwide, more than 5 million people stood in solidarity for women’s rights, including access to safe, legal abortion care. But it doesn’t end there. Now it’s time to take the energy from the March and take action!

Here are some ways you can take action today.

Keep Neil Gorsuch off the Supreme Court


We need a Supreme Court Justice who will honor established constitutional freedoms, including access to safe, legal abortion care. That is not Neil Gorsuch.

Trump promised to put forth a nominee who would oppose Roe v. Wade. We should take him at his word. Neil Gorsuch has a record of hostility to women’s reproductive rights and is a far-right jurist who would support overturning basic and well-established principles of American law.

CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY and tell them to VOTE NO on Neil Gorsuch.

Take Action in Your State

Take Action in Your State Placeholder
Take Action in Your State

Wear your Support for Abortion Rights

You may have seen the signs at the Women’s March on Washington declaring that abortion should be safe, legal, & accessible, and now you can wear that message loud and proud! Purchasing this t-shirt will not only tell the world that you believe in access to abortion care, but will also support our work–a portion of your purchase will go directly to NAF.


Support our work

We are facing an unprecedented assault on abortion access, and we need your help to fight back. Your donation is fully tax-deductible and will go a long way in helping us resist Trump’s agenda, protect abortion providers, and ensure women can access the abortion care they need.

Now more than ever, our members need the essential support that NAF provides, including:

  • security assistance, especially with they are targeted for violence;
  • representation to make sure the voices of abortion providers are being heard as we oppose Trump’s anti-abortion agenda;
  • onsite training and technical assistance so they can provide the highest quality care; and
  • the support of being a part of the NAF community.

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