In recent years, Tennessee lawmakers have enacted medically unnecessary restrictions intended to make it more difficult for people to exercise their right to access abortion care. As a result of these unjust restrictions, patients may experience burdens that make it more difficult to access the care they need.

Tennessee organizations have partnered together to fight these restrictions and defend against any new restrictions that lawmakers may try to enact. We are collecting patient stories—which can be anonymous—that we may be able to use to support those efforts.

Are you interested in sharing your story (which can be anonymous) about how these laws have affected your life, for use in our advocacy efforts? If so, please answer the questions below.

  • Weeks
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  • Please identify some of the barriers you faced in trying to access abortion care (for example, a long travel distance, lost wages, scheduling problems, emotional distress, difficulty arranging child care).
  • (OPTIONAL) I am sharing my contact information below so that the National Abortion Federation, a story collection project partner, may contact me to clarify the information I’ve given. I understand that NAF will attempt to keep my name and identifying information confidential and will make every effort to do so, but may be forced to reveal that information under certain circumstances. I acknowledge that I have the right to revoke this authorization to use my story when contacted by NAF.
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