There are a variety of reasons why a woman may need to access abortion care after 20 weeks. Some women have a medical complication or condition that could worsen if they continue their pregnancy and others find out in a very wanted pregnancy that their fetus has an anomaly that is incompatible with life. Some women do not recognize that they are pregnant until the pregnancy is advanced—sometimes due to health conditions or misdiagnosed pregnancies—and some may have to delay care while they raise necessary funds or travel great distances to obtain the abortion care they need.

No matter the reason, women and families must have the ability to make the decisions that are right for them, in consultation with their health care providers and those they trust. Legislators cannot know the circumstances of every woman and her pregnancy, and should not interfere in personal, private medical decisions.

Anti choice legislators have been banning abortion care after 20 weeks in a number of states, and are even trying to pass a nationwide 20-week ban. These laws affect real people like:


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