Lorna from Florida

Lorna* is a mother of three with a number of health issues, including Lupus, a tumor on her upper intestines, and two uterine abrasions. When Lorna found out she was pregnant, she knew immediately that carrying another pregnancy to term was not an option for her. She had hemorrhaged while giving birth to her last child, and her sister—who also had Lupus—had died after giving birth. Lorna did not want to risk another potentially dangerous delivery and potentially leave her three children without a mother. She went to the closest abortion care facility, and got a free ultrasound, but was unable to obtain an abortion there because of her health issues. The clinic recommended that Lorna obtain abortion care in a hospital setting, but due to her complex condition, the closest hospital that could handle her health care needs was in California. With help from the clinic and the NAF Hotline, Lorna was able to fly the more than 2,000 miles to California and obtain the abortion care she needed at almost 22 weeks pregnant.


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*Name changed to protect privacy.