Niecy from Florida

Niecy* was raped by a man she thought was her friend. When she realized she was pregnant due to the rape, she knew immediately that she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. As a full-time student, Niecy didn’t have any income, and she couldn’t tell her mom because she knew her mom would try to force her to keep the pregnancy due to her mom’s anti-choice religious beliefs. Niecy spent two months trying to raise enough money to pay for her procedure. She had nothing to pawn or sell and was so desperate she even asked her rapist for money to pay for the abortion, but he refused to help her. When Niecy was past 20-weeks, she was finally put in touch with the NAF Hotline and other funds who were able to provide the financial help she needed. Niecy was finally able to get the abortion care she desperately wanted and had been trying to obtain.


All stories have been shared with consent.

*Name changed to protect privacy.