Abortion Waiting Times Increase Across Canada

The Edmonton Sun published an article today detailing how women in Alberta are facing wait times of up to three weeks when seeking abortion care. This wait time can be attributed to the province’s growing population, a shortage of staff and facilities, and a lack of political will to make abortion more accessible.

Delaying abortion care can lead to increased risks and is often stressful for women, as one clinic administrator explains. “Once women have decided they want to terminate the pregnancy, they call the clinic and they want it tomorrow,” said Celia Posyniak, executive director of the Kensington Clinic in Calgary. “It’s always a shock for them to learn they have to wait.”

Waiting times for abortion care continue to increase throughout Canada. Last week, an article in The Ottawa Citizen revealed that women in the province were being forced to wait up to six weeks in order to obtain abortion care.

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