NAF sets the standards for quality abortion care and helps clinics meet these guidelines. Our member clinics must demonstrate that they are in compliance with our high standards for safety and patient-centered care.

NAF member facilities have taken additional steps to foster a safe environment for your health care. They must pass a rigorous application process, participate in a thorough onsite survey by NAF's clinical staff, and demonstrate their continued compliance with our Clinical Policy Guidelines for Abortion Care.

Quality assurance is an ongoing effort. To stay a NAF member, facilities must complete periodic self-surveys and regular onsite visits by our clinical staff. NAF membership alone cannot guarantee a positive outcome; however, it provides a level of assurance that a facility has taken additional steps to prioritize patient safety and care.


NAF Member Clinics:

Pass a Rigorous Application Process

In order to become a NAF member, facilities must complete a thorough application, provide references, and undergo a comprehensive onsite evaluation by NAF clinical staff. Facilities receive a certificate of compliance if they pass the site visit process. If a facility cannot successfully comply with our standards, they will not be granted NAF membership.

Have Regular Site Visits from NAF

In addition to the initial site visit during the application process, NAF member facilities have regular Quality Assurance and Improvement (QAI) site visits in order to maintain their membership. Members also complete periodic self-evaluations and receive a window decal signifying their compliance with NAF's standards each year.

Provide High-Quality Abortion Care

If you go to a NAF member clinic, you will know that you are visiting a facility that meets or exceeds national standards for abortion care. NAF membership is voluntary and we only grant membership to those facilities who meet our high standards and agree to comply with all NAF guidelines, rules, and regulations. 

How can you Find a NAF Member Clinic?

You can find a NAF member provider in your area using our Find a Provider map or by calling the National Abortion Hotline 1-800-772-9100, which provides referrals to member clinics in the U.S. and Canada.

Many clinics advertise that they are NAF members on their websites and display an official membership decal in their clinic. You can also ask a clinic about their NAF membership status when making an appointment.

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