Press Kit

Our press kit offers a comprehensive look at the political issue of abortion in a medical light. View areas of NAF expertise, including medical facts about abortion, common myths about abortion, and statistics on violence and disruption against abortion providers and patients.

Because we are surrounded by myths and misinformation about abortion, it can be difficult to sort out facts from fiction. NAF’s Abortion Facts provide accurate, unbiased information on all aspects of abortion care, including surgical and medical abortion, women’s access to abortion care, women who choose to have abortions, and parental involvement laws.

To speak with someone at NAF or one of our member abortion providers, contact the Communications Department at or call (202) 918-7768.

NAF has been compiling statistics on incidents of violence and disruption against abortion providers since 1977. Our comprehensive database is an invaluable resource that detects changes in the patterns and trends in anti-abortion activities.

NAF’s Violence and Disruption Statistics are an invaluable resource for any reporter writing on clinic violence. They document incidents of violence that range from murder to arson and bomb threats to picketing.

In order to gain an historical perspective on extreme violence against abortion providers and clinics, see NAF’s History of Violence series which includes chronologies of extreme violence such as murders and shootings, arsons and bombings, and anthrax attacks.

NAF also offers profiles of anti-abortion extremist groups and individuals, such as the Army of God, Eric Rudolph, James Kopp, and Clayton Waagner.

To speak to someone at NAF, email the Communications Department at or call (202) 918-7768.

The Very Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale

The Very Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, an Episcopal priest, is the President & CEO of the National Abortion Federation (NAF). Rev. Ragsdale was the Interim President and CEO of NAF from September 2018 – October 2019. Prior to joining NAF, she was the President and Dean of Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA, and Senior Fellow at the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. Prior to assuming the presidency of EDS, Ragsdale was Executive Director of Political Research associates and Vicar of St. David’s Episcopal Church in Pepperell, MA. After leaving EDS, Ragsdale served as Managing Partner at RNL Associates LLC.

Ragsdale served for 17 years (9 of them as chair) on the national board of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. As Chair, she led the Coalition through a change of its name, mission, and organizational structure. During that time the Coalition’s budget, staff, and office space more than doubled in size. She has also served on the national boards of NARAL Pro-Choice America and The White House Project. She has been featured on NPR and PBS. She has appeared on Wm. F. Buckley’s Firing Line, on Debates/Debates, Faith Under Fire, Religion and Ethics, and many news broadcasts. She has testified before the United States Congress as well as numerous state legislatures and was a featured speaker at the 2004 March for Women’s Lives in Washington, DC. She is widely sought as a speaker on issues of public policy affecting women, professional ethics, and lesbian/gay rights.

Ragsdale is the editor of Boundary Wars: Intimacy and Distance in Healing Relationships; the author of “The Role of Religious Institutions in Responding to the Domestic Violence Crisis” in Albany Law Review (vol. 58, number 4, 1995); and Hannah, a short story about later abortion care, as well as many other articles and speeches. She has a B.A. in English and Religion from William and Mary; Master of Divinity from Virginia Theological Seminary; and a Doctor of Ministry from Episcopal Divinity School. In her spare time she kick-boxes and flies herself to meetings in a single engine airplane.