Anti-Abortion Ads Removed in Canada

A Canadian anti-abortion group has launched a national ad campaign, which attempts to mislead the public about abortion care in Canada. The ads have been getting national media attention and in some cases have been removed due to their content.

The cities of Fredericton, New Brunswick and Kelowna, British Columbia have refused to run these ads on public transportation and Hamilton, Ontario has decided to pull the ads, citing that they were “offensive” and “controversial.” This is another example of an anti-abortion organization using misleading images and misinformation to advance their agenda of banning abortion.

Doctors in Canada only provide abortion care up until 23 weeks 6 days from a woman’s last menstrual period unless a woman’s health or life is at risk or the fetus has a lethal anomaly. These types of tactics and propaganda used by anti-abortion advocates often backfire and even those who oppose abortion often object to the misleading images and misinformation.

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