Celebrating Reproductive Freedom: Commemorating Roe v. Wade in the Nation’s Capital – Update 1

The Supreme Court steps seemed a fitting place to commemorate the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Braving the cold and leftover snow, we joined other activists to celebrate the landmark decision that legalized abortion. As you might expect our celebration was met by anti-choice protestors, but neither their signs nor the weather could dampen our spirits. Roe day is a day for us to celebrate our freedom – and as we stood between the nation’s highest court and the Capitol, we were reminded that we must continue to stand up for our reproductive rights.

After the rally at the Supreme Court, we headed over to an event sponsored by one of our members, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington (PPMW). In addition to meeting other activists and members of the pro-choice community, we also got the chance to meet actress Kathleen Turner. Ms. Turner is an advocate for reproductive freedom and spoke about the need for young women to get involved in protecting a woman’s right to choose abortion. She also talked about the obstacles low-income women face in obtaining abortion care. This event raised money for PPMW’s Justice Fund which offers financial assistance to women seeking abortions. Everyday the NAF Hotline helps low-income women struggling to find a way to pay for their abortions.

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