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This weekend, the New York Times published an article, which addressed the myth that teens make up the majority of women seeking abortion care. The article explained that, due to recently publicized cases of teenagers continuing with pregnancies, the view of the typical woman obtaining an abortion has been misconstrued.

According to the article and recent studies, “the typical American woman having an abortion is a parent of one or more children (60 percent); in her 20s (57 percent); has never married (67 percent); is economically disadvantaged (57 percent); lives in a metropolitan area (88 percent); considers herself a Christian (70 percent); and has graduated from high school (87 percent) and attended at least some college (57 percent).”

The article features stories from three women who share these demographic characteristics and were all patients of NAF member Cherry Hill Women’s Center in New Jersey.

We know that women who share their abortion experiences can make a difference. NAF is committed to ensuring that voices of women are part of the public debate about abortion. If you have had an abortion and would like to share your story visit:

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