Women Who Share Their Abortion Experience Can Make a Difference

The Patient Partnership’s primary goal is to include the voices of women who have had an abortion in the public discussions about this issue. Some of the women who have been involved have come to Washington, DC to testify before Congress, others have spoken to the media and their local legislators, and still others have shared their story so that it could then be used in a variety of forums.

Many of the women in our Patient Partnership have helped influence the public’s perception of abortion; impacted public policy regarding abortion; and supported other women as they face the decision to have an abortion. The voices of women who have chosen abortion can have a significant impact on the lives of other women and their families.

Despite the fact that abortion is a legal medical procedure, women still face significant barriers to accessing care. Please help us in the fight to educate policy makers and the public about why it is critically important to keep abortion safe, legal and accessible.

Share Your Story

Your voice can have an impact on the policy issues affecting abortion care. Share your story.