Guest Column by NAF Board Member

NAF Board Member Caitlin Borgmann, JD, is a featured guest columnist on the legal news and research site JURIST.

Borgmann writes that parental notification “laws like the one that will now be enforced in Illinois do nothing to help teenagers, while imposing traumatic hurdles, and sometimes grave danger, on those who lack loving and supportive parents to whom they can turn.”

While parents rightly want to be involved in the decisions of their teenage daughters, good family communication cannot be legislated. “Most states recognize that mandating parental involvement for sensitive medical treatment will have the hazardous drawback of deterring many minors from seeking care at all….Minors in most states can consent to services such as contraception, prenatal care, and treatment for sexually transmitted infection. In many states, minors can even relinquish their children for adoption and consent to medical care for their children. Parental involvement laws for abortion stand out as the glaring antithesis to this trend,” writes Borgmann.

>Read the full column here.

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