Help People Like Patty

On NAF’s toll-free Hotline, we hear from callers every day who are struggling to access the abortion care they need. Some people need help finding an abortion provider who can see them. Others need help paying for their procedure or even money to use for gas to get to and from the clinic once they have an appointment.

If you donate just $10 today, you could help one patient get a pre-paid gas card so they can make it to their abortion appointment.

Your donation could help patients like:

Patty J. from South Carolina, a working mother of two, who called our Hotline. The closest abortion provider to Patty was more than 150 miles away and in Georgia, and she didn’t have a car, which made it even harder to get there. A cousin offered to drive Patty to her appointment, but they were unable to cover the cost of the gas. Even with her entire savings and borrowing from all of her friends, Patty still did not have enough money. Luckily, we were able to help cover the remaining costs for Patty so she could obtain an abortion. 

Martina M. from Mississippi who had already been trying to raise money for her procedure, hotel, and gas when she called the NAF Hotline. By the time she was able to borrow enough money from family and friends, she was too far along in her pregnancy to obtain care in Mississippi. Martina attempted to make plans to travel to three different neighboring states, but transportation costs, unnecessary 48-hour waiting periods, and state-mandated requirements for multiple clinic visits all stood in her way. Fortunately, the NAF Hotline was able to help Martina navigate the abortion restrictions in her region and raise the funds to pay for her procedure and the cost of traveling more than 250 miles to her appointment. 

Through the Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund, we help people cover travel-related expenses, including helping clinics get pre-paid gas cards for their patients. A pre-paid gas card could help patients like Patty and Martina access abortion care with dignity and without having to beg, borrow, or even pawn their personal possessions.

If you donate today, a generous donor has agreed to match your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000. That means your $10 donation will become $20 and will help one woman like Patty or Martina fill up her gas tank and make it to her abortion appointment. 

Every dollar donated to this fund will go directly to patients who need help traveling or affording the cost of their abortion care so please give today.


P.S. You can help one patient every month if you make your gift a monthly donation. That’s just $10 per month to change someone’s life and help them obtain the abortion care they need.

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