Honor Dr. Tiller’s legacy

When NAF member Dr. George Tiller was alive, women traveled from all over the world to his clinic in Wichita, Kansas, to obtain later abortion care. Often these patients had to overcome many obstacles to make it there, and Dr. Tiller and his staff always went above and beyond to provide the most compassionate care.

One time a patient had driven to Kansas to see Dr. Tiller in the middle of winter. She didn’t have enough money to pay for a hotel while she was there so she was sleeping in her car outside the clinic. When Dr. Tiller learned this, he instructed one of his staff to pay for the patient to stay in a hotel and to buy her some warmer clothes as it was very cold. He wanted to do more than just provide her with medical care—he wanted to make sure she could access that care comfortably and with dignity. And this isn’t the only time he did something like this—Dr. Tiller and his staff were known for discounting the cost of procedures and providing extra services to their patients to make sure they had the best experience in Kansas.

Today, many NAF members do the same things to help their patients afford abortion care. Abortion providers have kept the costs of abortion care as low as they can and many of our members help patients raise money, arrange travel, and access other community support. However, since many women don’t have insurance that will cover their procedure, it can be hard for them to afford this essential health care service. The NAF Hotline helps patients fill in the gaps so they can afford their abortion care and the travel costs to make it to the clinic.

Won’t you help us? Your donation will go directly to helping patients in need.

Dr. Tiller was murdered in his church in 2009 by an anti-abortion terrorist who targeted him because of his work. After his death, Dr. Tiller’s family established the Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund at the NAF Hotline to further his legacy and continue his work. This fund covers travel-related expenses, including helping clinics get pre-paid gas cards for their patients.

You can honor Dr. Tiller’s memory today by donating to this fund.

We miss Dr. Tiller so much. But we know his work goes on. Every day NAF members open their clinic doors and honor Dr. Tiller by caring for patients just like he did. Please join with us and make sure that patients can access the abortion care they need.


P.S. Every dollar donated to this fund will go directly to patients who need help traveling or affording the cost of their abortion care

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