I am pro-choice because every situation is different

I am pro-choice because every situation is different, finances and everything.

My situation: I already have a lovely family of six– yes, six!!! When I found out I was pregnant, I was not happy. I cried– especially since the partner didn’t want anything to do with me and said it might not be his. I am already a single mom and it really hurt to feel abandoned and have no help!

I called the NAF Hotline for help and just hearing the Hotline Operator say “I’m sorry you have been treated this way. You don’t deserve to be treated like that.” It mean a lot and I truly appreciated it.

I felt so good booking my appointment knowing this is almost over and having control over my Body and Life!!!

This helps so much for women. I will tell other women I know if she is ever in this situation with nowhere to turn.

Thank you so much. I love y’all.

— Lola S.*


*Names have been changed to protect the author’s privacy. This story was submitted to NAF through our Patient Partnership Program. You can share your abortion care story here.

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