Kansas Governor Vetoes Proposal to Toughen Abortion Reporting Requirements

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius vetoed legislation Monday calling for tougher reporting requirements for abortion providers. The proposal would have required doctors to report to the state specific reasons why they provided abortions to women with viable fetuses.

Under current Kansas law, abortion of a viable fetus is legal after the 21st week of pregnancy to save a woman’s life or to prevent “substantial and irreversible harm” to “a major bodily function.” Doctors report each procedure, whether the fetus was viable, and whether the abortion preserved a woman’s life or her health. Physicians must state generally how they made those assessments.

“This measure runs counter to Kansans’ strong belief in the importance of medical privacy,” Sebelius said in her veto message. She said the requirements would open private medical records up for public viewing and would not collect sound data. Sebelius also vetoed another abortion-reporting bill last year.

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