Kudos to Madison for creating buffer zone

Today, the Capital Times in Wisconsin posted my letter to the editor, applauding the Madison City Council on the passing of a 8-foot buffer zone around medical facilities:
Dear Editor: We applaud the Madison City Council for passing an ordinance that creates a roaming 8-foot buffer zone around patients who are within 160 feet of the entrance of a medical facility.
In a recent National Abortion Federation survey, 92 percent of clinics reported that they were concerned about the safety of their patients and employees in the areas approaching the clinic. Further, 90 percent of clinics reported that, within the past two years, patients entering the clinic have expressed concerns about their personal safety.
Buffer zones are critical in reducing threats and intimidation, and help ensure that patients are able to safely access the reproductive health care they need. They accomplish this while still protecting the free speech rights of abortion opponents.

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