LA Times Examines Legal Abortion in Mexico City

Since Mexico City legalized abortion in May, more than 3,400 women have obtained abortions at 14 of the capital’s public hospitals. The availability of safe, legal abortion care has helped reduce the public health concerns and stigma associated with abortion.

“When people think of abortion, they no longer think of a hidden, shameful, illegal, clandestine and expensive procedure that is full of risks,” said Marta Lamas, who founded Mexico’s leading abortion rights group in 1992.

Illegal abortion is a serious public health issue in Mexico, resulting in the injury or death of thousands of Mexican women. According to the LA Times, more than 3,500 women die from illegal abortions each year in Mexico.

Abortion remains illegal in the rest of Mexico, and abortion opponents have petitioned Mexico’s Supreme Court to have Mexico City’s law overturned on constitutional grounds. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on this early next year.

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