NAF Member Clinic Moves to Block Ultrasound Law

NAF member Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo, ND has filed a lawsuit to block part of a new state law that requires providers to offer all patients the option to view an ultrasound image 24 hours prior to obtaining abortion care.

While a woman should have the option to view such an image, legislation mandating policies around ultrasounds is yet another intrusion by lawmakers into the doctor-patient relationship. The clinic, which has offered women the option to view an ultrasound for the past year, is concerned that the law’s unclear language will create additional barriers for women in need of care.

This law does nothing to enhance the safety of abortion care and in the end, just subjects the only clinic in North Dakota to strict criminal liability for failing to conform to a medical standard that doesn’t exist,” said Suzanne Stolz, staff attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The clinic is asking the court to issue a temporary injunction preventing the law from taking effect on August 1 while the court reviews the legal challenge.

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