NAF Staff in the Field: Fighting South Dakota’s Proposed Abortion Ban – Update 2

After our successful first day of phone banking and holding our “No on 11” signs at a busy downtown intersection, we were eager to hit the streets and meet the people of Rapid City. We set out in teams and canvassed tree-lined, hilly neighborhoods covered in Halloween décor and political signs. Our targets were undecided voters, and our mission was to make sure they knew that the ban was back on the ballot this year. Armed with maps, bottled water, and bags of Healthy Families literature, we made our way into the heart of Rapid City. We were impressed with the diversity of supporters: young mothers, senior citizens, and baby boomers. They all agreed that the exceptions were too broad and took away important decision-making from women, their doctors, and their families. Abortion in South Dakota is already rare and heavily regulated. We talked with people about how IM 11 would introduce big government into family decision making, and the harmful ways this ban would threaten a woman’s health.

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