NAF Staff in the Field: South Dakota Abortion Ban Referenda – Update 1

Driving along the flat, dusty stretch of Highway 29 between our hotel and campaign headquarters, we are all struck by the sheer number of yard signs reflecting various issues South Dakotans will be deciding on in a few days. In past elections, it may have been easier to predict the outcome for certain ballot initiatives based on voter history.

However, on November 7, 2006, South Dakotans will vote on repealing the most restrictive abortion ban that outlaws abortion at all stages of pregnancy, with only a limited exception if necessary to save the life of the woman. In talking with one of the “No on Six” organizers at our campaign headquarters, it is clear that repealing the abortion ban is not an issue that will be decided along party lines. Volunteers from every political party and from both sides of the abortion issue have showed up to help spread the word about the importance of repealing the restrictive ban.

Democrats sit alongside Republicans and Independents stuffing voter guides to be mailed out. Self described pro-choice and anti-choice voters stop by to pick up “No on Six” yard signs for their lawns.

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