NAF Staff in the Field: South Dakota Abortion Ban Referenda – Update 3

Last night watching TV, we had an opportunity to see the newest ad that the “No on Six” Campaign is airing to educate South Dakotans about the restrictive abortion ban. It was immediately followed by an ad paid for by the organization supporting the ban, “Vote Yes for Life,” in which a female doctor urges voters to support life. With competing information, how is a voter to decide?

For its part, “No on Six” has undertaken a massive effort to educate voters about the ban. Our first task at campaign headquarters was to put labels with polling locations for each precinct in Sioux Falls on doorknob hangers that contain information about the lack of exceptions in the abortion ban. These will be distributed throughout all of the neighborhoods in Sioux Falls. We then moved on to inscribing voter guides explaining the restrictive provisions in the ban, which will be mailed out to undecided voters. Our afternoon was spent on the phone, urging voters to come out for a “No on Six” rally, where citizens of Sioux Falls will speak out to explain why they are opposed to the ban.

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