NAF Staff in the Field: South Dakota Abortion Ban Referenda – Update 7

We visited the Planned Parenthood clinic. There was one lone protester praying out in front, but in talking with the Planned Parenthood staff we learned that the protesters have been out in force almost every day.

We toured the facility and met the staff, including our NAF representative. She was thrilled to see us and gave each of us a big hug. It was rewarding to meet the individuals we work on behalf of in Washington, D.C.

The staff’s commitment to continue to provide services to women under these difficult circumstances was a theme that resonated throughout each conversation we had. One staff member shared a story about a patient she saw earlier that drove five hours from Rapid City to seek care, and will now have to drive five hours back home. Despite all of the media attention and controversy surrounding this issue, the patient was resolved that the protesters and politicians would not intimidate her from exercising her right to make her own medical choices.

As we left the clinic, we drove by several different offensive posters the protester had brought with him. But the last thing we saw driving away was a huge banner that hangs on the outside of the clinic and reads, “These Doors Will Stay Open.” With such a dedicated and fantastic staff, we are confident that will be the case.

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