Reflecting on the Two-Year Anniversary of the Dobbs Decision


Statement from Brittany Fonteno, President and CEO of National Abortion Federation:

Two years ago, the Supreme Court struck down our constitutional right to abortion and opened the doors for states to ban abortion. While Roe v. Wade did not go far enough to protect access to abortion, its overturning has allowed anti-abortion lawmakers to pass cruel and dangerous legislation that puts our lives and freedoms at risk. Black, Brown, immigrants, and people with lower incomes bear the greatest burden of fewer options. It has also emboldened anti-abortion politicians in their attacks on the full spectrum of reproductive health care, including contraception and IVF. 

In the last two years, we have seen dozens of clinics close their doors due to the Dobbs decision and subsequent bans, and the providers who can continue to practice must increasingly treat patients based on anti-abortion laws and politics, not science and medical best practices. Yet, NAF member clinics have shown incredible resilience and continued to show up for patients and serve their communities. 

Alongside our incredible member providers, the National Abortion Federation is committed to building a reality more inclusive than the one we had when Roe v. Wade was the law of the land. We will keep fighting for the right of anyone to access the health care they deserve, regardless of who they are, where they live, or how much money they have. The National Abortion Hotline can help callers understand their abortion options and find travel and care funding at 1-800-772-9100.


The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the nation’s largest and leading professional association of abortion providers. NAF represents hundreds of providers and clinics across the country that are on the frontlines of abortion access. NAF provides members with trainings, security support, and guidelines that serve as the gold standard of abortion care. NAF also operates the National Abortion Hotline, the nation’s largest national, toll-free, multi-lingual hotline for abortion resources and travel and financial assistance in the U.S. Learn more at 

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