Remembering NAF Member Dr. George Tiller

Yesterday, we suffered a tremendous loss when our beloved colleague and friend Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his church in Wichita, Kansas. It is with great respect and sadness that we send his family our heartfelt condolences. We join with our members in remembering and honoring Dr. Tiller’s life and his many contributions to women’s reproductive health care.

He was often seen wearing a button that read “Attitude is Everything,” and he maintained an amazing attitude and generosity of spirit throughout his life, despite the adversity he faced on a regular basis. Dr. Tiller learned to live with constant harassment and even survived a previous attempt on his life. However, despite these attacks, Dr. Tiller remained committed to providing women with quality abortion care because he knew how much his work affected and improved their lives.

His death is a devastating loss to his family, the abortion provider community, and the women who rely on him for care. He is truly one of our heroes and we will miss him greatly.

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