SCOTUS Protects Access to Mifepristone

For Immediate Release: April 21, 2023

Media Contacts:; 202-918-7768

Statement from Melissa Fowler, Chief Program Officer at the National Abortion Federation:

We are relieved that medication abortion with mifepristone remains available. But this is just a temporary reprieve; we know that the fight is far from over. Mifepristone has been proven over decades to be safe and effective, yet anti-abortion extremists will stop at nothing to ban people from accessing it, just for the sake of fulfilling a political agenda. These attempts to restrict mifepristone are not based in science, they are simply part of a broader agenda to try and ban abortion in every state–even in those with legal protections for abortion access.  

We will not stop fighting for people’s ability to access the full spectrum of abortion care. We have been working alongside our national network of member providers to ensure they can continue providing clinically sound, evidence-based, compassionate care to patients. Simultaneously, NAF’s National Abortion Hotline will continue to give abortion seekers the accurate information, resources, and support they need to access the abortion care they deserve.

Medication abortion is still available. If you need information about your options, you can call the National Abortion Hotline: 1-800-772-9100.

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