State Policymakers Continue to Attack Abortion Access

Lawmakers in multiple states continue to propose legislation attempting to restrict abortion access.

Earlier this week in South Carolina, a bill requiring that all women wait 24 hours after an ultrasound is provided to receive abortion care was approved by a House committee and sent to the full House of Representatives. Current law already requires women to wait one hour after the ultrasound examination.

Legislators in South Dakota have drafted a bill requiring that all providers meet with patients 24 hours prior to any scheduled appointment. Last November, South Dakota voters overwhelmingly defeated the most restrictive abortion ban in the nation by a margin of 55% to 45%.

Anti-choice legislation failed this week in Wyoming, however, where a bill requiring providers to offer patients the option of an ultrasound before providing abortion care failed in committee. Thanks in part to the strong testimony of Rep. Sue Wallis, the legislation was rejected by a vote of 6-3.

“To have the state impose this obligation on them to go through with this unnecessary procedure is an insult to me as a woman, and an insult to me as a United States citizen,” Wallis said.

This week, pro-choice advocates in Richmond, VA took proactive steps to oppose anti-choice legislation by joining together with activists from all over the state to urge legislators to protect and expand reproductive rights. Organized by the Virginia Pro-Choice Coalition and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, Pro-Choice Lobby Day drew hundreds of supporters, and two anti-choice bills were defeated by legislative committees.

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