Substandard Practitioner

The New Yorker posted a letter to the editor that I co-authored with NAF Board Chair Beverley Winikoff, in response to Eyal Press’ article, A Botched Operation, and the substandard practices of Steve Brigham.

Throughout his career, Brigham has come under fire from state licensing boards, health departments, and the abortion-provider community. His case is not representative of the high standard of care offered by abortion providers in the U.S. If anything, his story demonstrates how important it is for women to have access to safe, legal, and affordable abortion care. State regulations have made it more difficult for women to obtain safe abortions. Regulations such as requiring providers to have hospital admitting privileges do nothing to improve patient safety, nor do they stop bad actors like Brigham. Instead, they make it more difficult for legitimate providers to remain open, and create opportunities for substandard providers to prey on vulnerable women.

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