Urge Congress to Save Birth Control Now!

Millions of college students and low-income women have been drastically affected by the soaring cost of birth control, which has risen substantially this year because of a mistake made by Congress.

For nearly twenty years, pharmaceutical companies have been able to voluntarily provide low-cost birth control to university health centers and other providers. Unfortunately, last year Congress changed the law and inadvertently eliminated college and university health centers, along with some community health providers, from obtaining birth control at a low cost. As a result of this mistake, birth control prices have skyrocketed for over 3 million college students and approximately 750,000 low income women.

Congress need only make a small change to the law to permit pharmaceutical companies to once again offer low-cost drugs to university health centers and safety net providers. Call your Representative and Senators and urge them to support the Prevention through Affordable Access Act.

>Take Action and Save Birth Control Now!

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