We are thankful– and we’re not the only ones.

During this time of thanksgiving, we at NAF are thankful for our dedicated members. Our members are on the front lines working to ensure that access to safe, high-quality, patient-centered abortion care is still a reality. From the staff working the front desks in NAF member facilities, to the security guards, to the counselors, to the medical support staff, to the clinicians, and everyone else involved, we’re thankful to have such amazing members. Many of our members do this work in hostile environments and have to overcome many barriers.

And their work makes such a difference. Every day we hear from women who are thankful they were able to access the abortion care they needed. Here are some of their stories (you can add your thanks by sharing your story here):

Patients Give Thanks for help

You helped Thank you

Sincerely From a Mother of 3

crying tears of joy

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