Wednesday’s Words from Women

Over one-third of women of reproductive age have an abortion by the age of 45. However, women who have chosen abortion are often absent from the public debate. In order to break the silence surrounding abortion, we will be featuring real stories from real women each Wednesday on our blog. If you would like to share your story with us or have it published on our blog, go to

I have been going through a very tough time. I am basically homeless and I am unemployed. I am going to school and actively looking for work. Without the Hotline’s help, I wouldn’t know what to do. I appreciate everything they have done. God bless the Hotline—I sincerely mean that.

— Submitted by Sage* through a member clinic

I had my abortion at a wonderful clinic here in my home state. My husband and I hadn’t planned on having anymore children because we have two already, ages 10 and six, and the six-year-old has moderate autism. Even though I took the morning-after pill after intercourse one day, I still turned up pregnant. When we went to the clinic, I was very nervous but since it was an all women’s clinic, I felt extremely comfortable! The procedure took about five minutes. I don’t feel bad and have no regrets. Thanks for reading!

— Submitted by Samantha* through our website

*Names have been changed to protect patient privacy.

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