Wednesday’s Words from Women

Over one-third of women of reproductive age have an abortion by the age of 45. However, women who have chosen abortion are often absent from the public debate. In order to break the silence surrounding abortion, we will be featuring real stories from real women each Wednesday on our blog. If you would like to share your story with us or have it published on our blog, go to

My boyfriend and I are both college students in the Cleveland area, and I just finished my freshman year as an English major. Starting a career after graduation is very important to me. Though children are precious and my boyfriend and I would love to have them one day, now is not the time. It would be senseless for me to parent a child before I am financially or emotionally grounded. I greatly appreciate the Hotline’s help, because this procedure is essential to my future success.

–Submitted by Grace* through a member clinic

I am a single mother of two beautiful children, a girl and a boy, ages seven and nine. I recently returned to college to complete my bachelor’s of nursing. Though my boyfriend and I love each other very much, this is not the right time for a child. I have put my life on hold to ensure I can be around for my children. Now that they are older it’s time for me to finish what I started (college) so many years ago, so I may ensure a better future for myself and my children. I appreciate the help from the clinic and the Hotline. Thank you!

–Submitted by Angela* through a member clinic

*Names have been changed to protect patient privacy

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