Wednesday’s Words from Women

Over one-third of women of reproductive age have an abortion by the age of 45. However, women who have chosen abortion are often absent from the public debate. In order to break the silence surrounding abortion, we will be featuring real stories from real women each Wednesday on our blog. If you would like to share your story with us or have it published on our blog, go to

The Hotline and the clinic helped me a great deal during this difficult time in my life. I am a single mom trying to move forward in my life. Due to financial hardships and no help from my child’s father, the light of success seems too dim to see. I thank the people at both the clinic and the Hotline for giving me and my son a chance for a clean slate.

–submitted by Diana* through a member clinic

I grew up in an anti-choice household, but ever since I was able to truly think through the issue, have been pro-choice. But like many beliefs, for most of my life it went untested. Then, last spring, I became pregnant and came face-to-face with my belief that women have the right to their own body, including the right to an abortion. I was 29, had a master’s degree, was employed full-time and had a supportive network of friends and family. By some standards I had everything necessary to adequately take care of a child. But I wasn’t ready. I had just ended an unhealthy relationship; I didn’t want to be pregnant. I didn’t want to have a child. It was and always will be my body. I made a choice that was best for me. My body, my choice, and thankfully still my legal right.

–submitted by Susan* through our website

*Names have been changed to protect patient privacy

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