What’s happened since the Supreme Court’s Whole Woman’s Health decision?

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While the impact of the Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt decision was immediate for Texans with appointments for abortion care at the clinics at risk of closing, medically-unnecessary anti-abortion laws in other states across the country are already being blocked and challenged thanks to the precedent set by Whole Woman’s Health.

Here’s a round-up of laws that have been struck down and new challenges brought since the decision:

Alabama ends their fight for admitting privileges law: The Alabama Attorney General said: “There is no good faith argument that Alabama’s law remains constitutional in light of the Supreme Court ruling.  Accordingly, my office will dismiss our appeal of a 2014 federal court ruling declaring Alabama’s abortion clinic law unconstitutional.”

Mississippi and Wisconsin are denied their attempt to reinstate admitting privileges law: The Supreme Court rejected appeals by Mississippi and Wisconsin to reinstate their laws requiring abortion providers to hold admitting privileges at local hospitals.

NAF member independent clinics take on Louisiana: The Center for Reproductive Rights, representing NAF member clinics, filed a new federal lawsuit challenging seven abortion restrictions in Louisiana.

Planned Parenthood takes on Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia: Planned Parenthood launched a repeal campaign to initially target laws in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia, as well as measures in Texas that were not directly addressed by the Supreme Court ruling.

In just one week, there has already been so much progress in undoing the politically-motivated burdens created by anti-abortion politicians. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough.

We will continue celebrating this win for evidence-based medical care (proudly in our new t-shirts), but the fight for reproductive justice and access to safe, affordable, timely abortion care goes on.

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