Women Speak out Against Stupak Amendment

Last week, NAF brought a group of patients to Capitol Hill to share their abortion experiences with legislators as part of a DC lobby day to oppose the Stupak Amendment. Each of these women had a different experience with insurance coverage for their abortion care, and they represent the women who could be affected by restrictions like the Stupak Amendment and the Nelson-Hatch Amendment, which was introduced in the Senate today.

NAF member and author, Professor Carole Joffe joined us last week in DC and spoke with some of the patients we brought forward. Today, she blogged about her experience:

“….the most moving and significant part of the day was my conversation with three women who had later abortions….In spite of the different outcomes experienced by Mary, Christie and Dana, all three of these women have taken the step of going public with their stories because of their profound belief that no woman or her partner should be fighting bureaucracies or facing possible bankruptcy at the saddest moment in their lives.”

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