Letter to the Editor: All health clinics are not created equally

This morning, a letter to the editor was published in The Morning Call, which clarified the difference between a recently closed abortion care facility in Pennsylvania and NAF member clinic Allentown Women’s Center:

 As an Allentown Women’s Center patient advocate, I am concerned that The Morning Call’s article about a recently closed abortion clinic may have confused some readers. Although one clinic, Dr. Brigham’s Allentown Medical Services, has been shut down, another completely separate clinic — Allentown Women’s Center — remains open.
Founded in 1978, the center is an independent health care facility offering routine gynecological, contraception, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender services in addition to our quality, compassionate abortion care. Earlier this year, we relocated to an expanded facility in Bethlehem.
Allentown Medical Services had a history of complications, health code violations and licensing issues. I have heard too many heartbreaking stories about the substandard care given at some other clinics, and it’s important that women know how to choose a safe reproductive health care provider. It’s wise to pursue referrals from their doctors, from accrediting organizations like the National Abortion Federation (the Allentown Women’s Center is a member) or from trusted friends — not just utilize the phone book or online advertisements.
Trustworthy clinics encourage women to ask questions and listen to their intuition. Seeking an abortion can be a confusing process, but a quality provider is crucial for women to make good and informed health care decisions.
~ Kate Wilgruber

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