NAF Staff in the Field: Fighting South Dakota’s Proposed Abortion Ban – Update 3

Our weekend of activism culminated in a well-attended visibility event at a busy intersection in the middle of Rapid City. Even though the traffic was constant, drivers took the time to honk in support, sometimes slowing to wave. Some drivers pulled over to talk with us and get literature on the ban, and one driver even signed up to volunteer with the Campaign for Healthy Families. By the weekend’s end, our group of volunteers had documented more than 100 new supporters and had widely distributed boxes of bumper stickers and voter guides.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our time in South Dakota has been meeting the campaign staff and volunteers here in Rapid City and from the neighboring states of Wyoming and Montana. An abortion provider from Oregon even joined the group and shared some of her experiences in providing abortion care. In between phone calls and campaigning, we discussed how abortion access and availability varied in each of our home states. Hearing about the barriers women face when obtaining abortion care in different states reminded us of the importance of our work here in South Dakota and back in DC. As we prepare to go home, I know we will not forget all of these stories and the amazing people we encountered in Rapid City.

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