Tell Concerned Women for America That There is no “Cure-All” for Rape

This week, while we were busy trying to get military insurance coverage for raped servicewomen, the anti-abortion group Concerned Women for America (CWA), showed us that they aren’t really that concerned about women at all.

In a letter to the Senate opposing the Shaheen amendment, CWA said the amendment would be giving “abortion as a ‘cure-all’” for rape.

This outrageous statement shows just how little CWA knows about how sexual violence affects women. Women need access to a full range of health care services, including abortion care, following a sexual assault. However, the suggestion that any single element of health care—or any single thing for that matter—could act as a “cure-all” for rape is absurd and insulting. Ironically, this rhetoric shows little concern for women and minimizes the impact of a sexual assault. 

Saying “abortion is a ‘cure-all’” for rape is like saying a band aid is a cure-all for cancer. Tell CWA that there is no “cure-all” for rape and send them a band aid.

NAF will send CWA one band aid stamped with #nocureall4rape every time someone:

between now and December 31.

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